When Christianity became the official religion in the Norse Empires, many people already knew what it was. But even so a lot of people still believed in the Nordic mythology. Harold Bluetooth officially christened the Danes when he carved this into the Jelling stone with runes: Harold King made this memorial after Gorm his father and Tyra his mother, thee Harold that won all Denmark and Norway and christened the Danes.
Poppo a missionary came to Denmark with only one purpose to convert the Danes into Christianity. Harold wanted proof of the fact that the Christian God was better then the Northern Gods. To prove him self right,
Poppo held a red hot iron glove in his bare hand, with the God’s help he didn’t get hurt. Harold was convinced, and he became a Christian. When the Vikings where on trade tours they often got baptised to get a better trade. There were many missionaries in Denmark, they were sent out from archseat Hamburg-Bremen, but later on a cathedral was built in Lund (which lies in Sweden to day) they send missionaries to convert all people in Denmark.

Tamdrup Church lies out side Horsens on a lonely situated range of hills . It is not normal to have such a big church such a place. because of it’s size some think that the Jelling kings had their summer-residence nearby Tamdrup church.
On the altar there is massive gold pictures where some events is illustrated, one of them is Poppo with the red hot glove. For many years the golden pictures were forgotten and hidden, but in the late 17th Century during a restoration they found them behind paint and dust.