Constitution 1849

The Danish constitution was passed in 1849 at the 25. of May during the war against the Germans. It was first in forced at the 5. of June. The law was made when people found out that human rights existed. They made the law so that there would some fundamental laws for the people. In the suggestion of the law were both the Danish country and Slesvig Holstein named, but under the circumstances only Denmark were in the constitution. Some important items in the law:

  • From now on men would be able to vote when there were election. The women could not vote until 1915.
  • You were allowed to speak freely, without getting punished.
  • A foreigner can’t get into the country if it’s not in accordance with the law.
  • All the men in the country have to join the army.
  • All children have to go to school. Education is compulsory all over the country.
  • The citizens have to pay heavy taxes to the Danish state and government.
  • You can free decide which religion you want to believe in.


 In this picture you’ll see the gathering that agreed to the constitution.

After the law was made in 1849 there have been made three later constitution’s. The one from 1953 is the one that is in force today.

Many years ago there were two houses to govern the country, but today there is only one. The House of Lords was abolished in 1953. Sweden and Norway have had the same, namely two parliaments. The last meeting in the House of Lords in Denmark took place on the 15. of May 1953. The reason why it was abolished was that in the end it almost just acted as a court. In the group of people that decided the constitution were the famous Danish song writer N. F. S. Gruntvig.