Copenhagen in 1850

The picture is taken from The Rundetaarn (Round Tower) in Copenhagen. You can see some of the sights in Copenhagen in 1850. In the background you can see Frederiksberg Castle where Frederik the 6th often lived. In the middle of Copenhagen you can see the university of Copenhagen and our lady`s Church.

Here you can see the entrance to The Round Tower. It's a 209-metre walk to the top but only 35 metres as the crow flies. The secret of the mystery is the long causeway that spirals its way upwards, a distance 7½ times the circumference of the tower. The Round Tower was originally built in 1642 by Christian IV as an astronomic observatory. Every year, 400,000 visitors enjoy a splendid view of the old medieval city from the top of the tower.

Some facts of The Round Tower:


Turns: 7.5
Outer length: 268.5 m
Inner length: 85.5 m
Outer rise: 10 %
Inner rise: 33%
Average rise
per. turn: 3.74 m

Street to platform: 34.8 m

Heigth: 7 m
Diameter: 3 m

Wood staircase: 28 steps
Stone staircase: 31 steps


trailway opening
In 1847 came the first trailway and as the postsystem say could the free send letter and newspaper


The first post diligence came in 1857.


Here is the statue of Christian the Fifth.

Here you can see the Royal Theater.Here is the statue of Christian the Fifth.

Kongens Nytorv.
The Square was built in 1670 , and in 1688 a statue was by Christian the Fifth. The King had the statue put up in the square to emphersize that he was a man of great power. Around Kongens Nytorv, there are many impressing buildings, and the most famous buildings are: The Royal Theater, hotel the D`Angl
eterre, Charlottenborg and Nyhavn.