The Creation of the World

In the beginning neither earth nor sky existed. The only thing that existed was the ice cold Nifheim in the north and the burning heat in Muspelhiem in south. In the middle was the powerful empty hole Ginnungagab.
From Nifhiem 12 ice cold rivers ran into Ginnungagab and involved enormous ice masses, which crashed together with the burning heat from Muspelhiem. The heat made the ice melt, and there appeared very big vapour skies which consisted of big heavy rain dumps, that gradually ran together and made one awfully creature. The creature gradually took shape of a man so tall, that smallest hair on his body was bigger than the tallest tree in the forest.
That was the original giant Ymer, who had been made.
Now things began to happen to Ymer’s body. While the sweat ran from him, a man and a woman were made in his armpits and his one foot mated with the other foot and bred a son. They became the evil creatures that were called Giants, they immediately began to breed.
Still the big vapours skies drew over Ginnungagab, and the heavy dumps, that now fell, developed into a new creature in the shape of the cow Audhumbla. The cow stands with her udder over Ymer and let him suck of its 4 milk rivers. The ice from Nifhiem had driven a salt stone, down from north, and then Audhumbla began to lick on the stone. The first day the cow licked, a man’s hair came out of stone. The second day the whole head showed up, and the third day he jumped out of the stone. It was Odin’s grandfather Bure, and from his and the giant’s generation appeared the three Gods Odin, Vile and Ve.
When Odin, Vile and Ve felt strong enough they killed the giant Ymer and cut him into pieces. Later on the blood that flowed from the body became the world’s seas, lakes and rivers, but first the whole world flooded so all the giants but two, and they were married and led the giant’s stock on, and soon there were just as many giants as before Ymer was killed. Out of Ymer’s body the God’s made the sky and the earth. The meat became mould and the bones became mountains, the scull constructed the firmament and the flying sparks from Muspelheim become stars. The sky are pieces from Ymers brain, which the Gods threw up into the air. At last they had finished cutting Ymer into pieces. But there was still a bit of meat left over. These maggots that ate the rest of Ymer’s meat, became some small dwarfs who lived in the ground or in some hills outside Asgaard. The dwarfs were both clever and inventive, and could make weapons and tools that beat everything else.
The black giant woman Nat(Night) drives ones at day over the firmament in her cart which was drawn by her black horse Rimfaxe.
Nat is married to Delling and they had together the boy Dag(Day). Dag got a cart form his mother and by Odin he got the horse Skinfaxe, whose mane shone over the world. But there were also set of horses to draw the sun and moon, they may run fast because they were being followed by two hungry wolves.

One day Odin, Vile and Ve were taking a long walk on the beach, they found two tree trunks on the sea shore. They formed them so they looked like a man and a woman, and Odin blew life into them. Vile gave them intellect and of Ve they got their sight and hearing and ability to talk. They are parents to all the people who live on the earth, and the two Goddesses were named Ask and Embla. They built a beautiful farm were they could live. The farm was named Middle earth and outside the farm they build fence protect themselves against giants. The fence was formed of Ymers eyelashes.

The Gods’ world

The Scandinavian mythology is from the years 750-1050. The Vikings believed in the Scandinavian Gods in the same way as we believe in God today. The Gods in Scandinavia have their own world. Each God stands for something, for example there is a God named Freja, she was in charge of love in the world, but she was also a war God. Freja is a vane, the vanes is another form of Gods, they look like Ases, they have the same powers but in a different way. The chief God in Asgaard is Odin, he has a chair “Lidskajlv” where he can see what happens all over the world .He is also very clever, because he has given his one eye to Mimer, so he could drink of his well to become cleverer. He has two ravens Hugin and Munin, they fly all over the world and go back to Odin to tell him what they have seen. He also has two wolves Freke and Gere, they eat instead of Odin. Odin has a fantastic horse whose name is sleipner, which has eight legs, and can run in the air, but also on the water. Sleipner´s parents are very special, Svadilfare is his father and Loke is his mother, that is a very special story, when Loke is an as and not a goddess, but he changes into a mare and gets pregnant with Svadilfare and gives birth to Sleipner.
Thor is Odin`s son, he is the most famous God of them all. That is because when it thundered, the Vikings thought, that it was Thor who drove across the sky with his billygoats, and swung his hammer. Another reason that the Vikings liked Thor so much was that he was the God who looked mostly like them.
The giants were the Ases´ worst enemy. They lived in Jotomhiem. Their king was Udgaardloke he was the biggest giant of all. He lived on a farm with all the vigorous giants. Loke was a giant and lived in Asgaard, he was the father of the three most dangerous monsters in the world, the Midgard serpent, the Fenriswolf and Hell, the Queen of the underworld. It is foreseen that they will kill the most vigorous Asses´.

The Twilight of the Gods

The twilight of the Gods is an old prophecy from the Norse mythology. It appears to be the prophecy about the Doomsday. It was an old giant named Volven that foresaw this terrible prophecy.
The prophecy sounds this way:
When the twilight of the Gods is coming, the horrible Fimbulwinther will come. Three winters in a row without any summers will rage the world and the sun will shine without warmth. But before that the world will be hunted by other accidents and Garm, a terrible dog who is tied to the Gnipacave, will bark loudly and that will be a sign to the humanity that doomsday is here.
Now people on the earth will fight each other. Brother against brother. No friendship will be. This will go on until humanity has destroyed itself.
Now the wolf Skoll at last succeeds to eat the sun, and the sky went black in many summers. The other wolf Hade now caught the moon and ate it and all the stars would fall to the ground. On earth a big earthquake come, so big that Yggdrasil, the tree of life will fall, and the rocks which Loki is tied to will break and he will get free.
Now Garm will bark again and in Asgaard Heimdal will blow the Gjallerhorn so the Ases will gather to fight. Also the einherjers, the dead warriors, will stream out of Valhalla to defend Asgaard.
Then Garm will bark again. Now the Fenriswolf will get free and it will run with froth around the open mouth, towards Asgaard. Its mouth will reach both earth and sky and it will eat anything on the way to Asgaard. The Midgard Serpent will whip the waters to foam and it will climb up on the ground and move towards Asgaard. The ship Naglfar, which is made by dead men’s nails, will sail out from Hell, the home of the dead, with the giant Hrym as a mate, with all the dead humans as crew.
From south comes the firegiant Surt and all the giants from the hot Muspelheim. When Surt drew his sword, the rainbowbridge Bifrost will break and collapse.
Now Odin has spoken to Mimer’s head about what to do, and all Ases and einherjers now meet on the Vigridplain to meet all the evil powers.
Odin goes against the Fenriswolf with his spear Grunger, but the wolf eats the God. Then Vidar comes and he plants one of his feet in wolf’s lover jaw and take its upper jaw and twist them out of joint.
At the same time Thor is fighting against the Midgard Serpent. He kills it, but he can only walk ten feet before he dies, because he has been hit with so much poison. Freyr goes towards Surt, but he’s given his superior sword to his waiter to get his wife Gerd, and he loses the fight. Tyr fights against Garm and they are fighting so hard that they kill each other. The same happens to Loki and Heimdal.
At last only Surt is back. He lifts his sword and flames hit everything, and the earth falls into the water. But when it’s quiet again a new earth will raise, young and green. The only Ases who will survive, are Vidar and Vali and Thors two sons Modi and Magni who bring there father’s hammer with them and also Baldr and Hod comes from the land of death, and they will meet at the Idafield where the old Asgaard was. There they will build a farm and after that they will sit down in the grass and discus there father’s achievements.
Out from the Hodmine wood, two humans named Life and Lifetraser, who have been hiding when the flames were burning. Now they will start to make the new population on the earth. Then the scaled dragon Nidhug will come and fly over the fields with all the corpses from the old world, but now it will disappear in the sunset forever.