The island of the sun

Every Sicilian brings, inside himself, a legendary identity of his land, which is showed when he is on other places, or when he talks about it. It is an identity based on natural bread, on a life lived in a garden, onrefined sweets; but it is also based on that particular murderous violence, on the pride of the peasent and, at last, on a strong loyalty.
Sicily is situated in the middle of an area in which different cultures developed: it is the island of the sun. Wheat, olive trees, almond trees, ash trees, pistachio, linen, cotton: their growing alterned in different historical periods.
New people, new ways of life shared their natures with the old ones, not preventing Sicilians to speak the language their forefathers spoke. They had the “cus-cus” from the Arabian domination, the “farro” from the Romans, the confectionaries in Syracuse from the Byzantine culture, the “baccalà” and the “stoccafisso” (to different ways to preserve cod fish) or sweets like “cannoli “ and “cassata”, from the people coming from the North, the Normans, and the so-called bread fish from the French nobles during the Angevin and Bourbon domination.
The symbol of Sicily is the “Trinachia”, in which the legs represent the movement ,the changing, while the head represents the thought and the real essence of the things: a sunny-natured symbol as sunny-natured Sicilians are.