The myth of the Cyclop in love

Polifemo , the Cyclop, was born from Poseidone, the god, and his sister Scilla, the godess. He was an awful, stupid and rude giant, who lived on a mountain along the Eastern coast of Sicily. He had an eye only in the middle of his forehead and a big heart, in spite of his ugliness.Unfortunately he fell in love with Galatea, a sweet and gentle nymph who already had a lover, whose name was Aci. They were happy together and were about to get married. One day, the Cyclop saw the two lovers together, full of jelousy, he took huge stones and threw them on the poor Aci who immediately died. Moved by Galatea’s tears, the gods decided to transform the young shephard into a river along which towns like Acireale, Aci catena, Aci Bonaccorsi, Aci Sant’Antonio, Aci Castello were built and took their names from.
Here is an extract from the “Metamorphosis” written by Ovidio that describe Polifemo’s feelings when seeing Galatea, in its original version and its translation into English:

“Candidior folio nivei, Galatea, ligustri,
floridior pratis, […],
splendidior vitro, […],
levior adsiduo detritis aequore conchis,
solibus hibernis, aestiva gratior umbra,
lucidior glacie, matura dulcior uva,
mollior et cygni plumis et lacte coacto,
et, si non fugias, rigu formosior horto. »

(“Galatea, whiter than a white petal of privet,
more prosperous than a garden, […]
more shining than the crystal, […]
smoother than the shells smoothed by the flow of the sea,
more pleasant than the sun in winter, than the shadow in summer,
brighter than the ice, sweeter tha the ripe grapes,
softer than the feathers of a swan, than the curd of milk,
and, if you did not run away, more gorgeous than an irrigated garden.”)