Comenius-Project Evaluation Report Time-Table Meetings



Our transnational project is centered on three important topics

Common Roots - where do we come from?
National Identity - Who are we today at the new Millenium?
Culture - Where do we go from here?

The main aims of the project are
- to increase the students ability to work in an interdisciplinary way with existing curricular
- to use their disciplinary knowledge in an European context
- to increase their knowledge and use of English and French
- to increase their ability to use English and French as a communication language, written and oral expression
- to increase their use and knowledge on ICT
- to communicate freely on the Internet and in the use of videoconferencing
- to create European citizenship among the students
- to create an information network among the involved students that can be used for future disciplinary and social communication
- to increase the students knowledge on the proposed topics


The Project is sponsored by the EU. Thank you very much. For further informations see: