JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge Series

The JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge took place the 12th time in Frankfurt. It is the largest race in Europe. It started in 1976 in the USA in New York at the New york marathon where a Bank sponsered the race with $ 5000.
The first Company race started 1977 in the Centrel Park with 200 participants of 50 companies. In Frankfurt the spectacle is under the motto „ jogging against mobbing“. In 2004 a total of 51140 participants from 1831 companies took part in the 12th annual German spectacle, they made it to the largest road race in Europe.

1. The classification
Everyone takes his/ her own time and announce it to his/ her teamcaptain. The sportive result is made indivduel but combined to a teamresult -nearly like at work!
2. The results
The quickest participant is announced at once after the race.

· The team results are announced some days later, you can read them in the internet.
· Six untill eight weeks later the Teamcaptains will get all results.

3. The results
· Everone who reaches the winning post gets a Finisher-T-Shirt.
· The three winner- teams ( men, women and mixed) may run the samedistance at the big finale JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge Championship in New York!


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