How the youth in Germany sees their future

Young people in Germany do not believe in any way that their future is influenced or impeded. Although knowing that Germany’s unemployment rate is extremely high, they are very optimistic when it comes to their future.

Being a pupil of a grammar school in Germany is very honouring, but can also sometimes be devastating. German grammar school teachers are strict and demand a lot of work. But after having received good grades for your hard work, most of the pupils are very satisfied and pleased with themselves.
Within the years German pupils have been taught to work very hard and to never give up or lose hope. It often comes to unavoidable problems everyone has got to be facing once in his/her lifetime, but that doesn’t scare the pupils off either.

Graduates will always keep in mind what they’ve learned and know what is most important to them. They’re generous, know integrity and are unique.
Uniqueness is very important to all of them, because they have always been reminded of how special they are. Because of all the different nationalities in Germany and religions that are being practiced, German pupils are open-minded, outgoing and unprejudiced.

Pupils are advised to pass all exams at the end of the 13th grade, so that they can receive their school-leaving certificate and study on in one of the many good universities, that are located in Germany. Some are of international standards, so that everyone is able to do traineeships or study abroad.

If there are pupils, who didn’t attend a grammar school or didn’t pass the exams, they can always do apprenticeships or look for work right away. Almost every business welcomes apprentices with open arms. This is what makes all pupils see their future optimistic. In the end, it doesn’t matter if you haven’t graduated from school, you can always achieve your goals and dreams. What matters is your attitude and the believe in yourself and the state. This is what gives you the strength to overcome just about everything.