The Hessentag


The „ Hessentag“ was born in 1960. The Prime Minister Georg Zinn (SPD) meant: „ The Hesse need a feast that units and ties them together.“
In that times, in the beginning of 1960, there was the first impulse all Hesse to bring toghter, specially the refugees from Sudetenland, Eastern -Prussia and Böhmen should feel at home. Planed was a big community feast to cultivale the customs and reginal fashions.
Alsfeld was 1961 the first town and the Hessentag lasted for three days only. Since then 44 Hessentage took place. Today the Heesentag takes ten days and had changed a lot.
From a flast for regional fashion to a pop and rockfestival.
The political parties, the regional television ( HR) and the broadcast (FFH; HR§) take part in the Hessentag. In this year the Hessentag was in Heppenheim.

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