There is a sport event in Frankfurt, which takes place once a year, mostly in the month of July. It is called Ironman, which is a special kind of triathlon. The athletes are from Europe and Noth America.
At first you have to swim 3,8 km, through a lake called „Langener – Waldsee“. The second hurdle is a bike-tour of 180km through the city of Frankfurt and the hilly surroundings. At least you have to run about 42km. The runners walk along the river of Main, which divides the city of Frankfurt in two parts. This event starts at 7:00 in the morning and the end is about at 11:00 in the evening.In end of this sportevent all participant meet in the place called „Römer“. It's a place in the old part of Frankfurt. There is also the townhall. All together, athletes and spectators, enjoy a great party with a sound and light show.
The sponsors are big hesse companies like: HR3, Opel, Duracell, Fraport, Minimal-Market, Füllhorn, the City of Frankfurt, Helba.

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