Living conditions of young people

At the age of sixteen, German students have to decide if they want to get their Abitur (German school-leaving examination and university entrance qualification) or if they go to work. After you have manage to pass the Abitur you must decide wheter to go to university or to work.

Most of German teenagers between 15 and 18 years still go to school. Those, who have already started a training, are often independent from their parents and they are able to earn their own money. Earning money is very important for young people. They spend their money on luxuries. However, these luxuries are for the most young people necessities. Some of them even decide to leave school in order to save their earned money for their driving licence which is quite expensive in Germany (over 1000 €). Having a car is very necessary to some German teenager.

Today it seems like our generation has less hope for a successful future. So they try to have a nice spare time. At least that's their imagination of life. They want to enjoy their way of lives, so they give their best to make this true. A lot of money is needed for their free time , for example: sports, disco, cinema, clothes, parties, food... .

On the other hand it's a big problem to find a job after school , because the economic situation is particularly more difficult as it was ten years ago. That's one reason why many teenagers continue their education until they will get the Abitur.