Sound of Frankfurt


Once a year there is a big music event in Frankfurt at the city centre, which is called „Sound of Frankfurt“. Every year in the summer time at inner-city, there are eigth stages with eight different directions of music. This event doesn´t cost any admission, it is for free!
It starts at four o´clock p.m. and ends at foer o´clock a.m. The sound of the eight different stages is fabulous. At this night the youth of Frankfurt an sourroundings are going to have a big party. But not only the youth is dancing there, older people are there, too.
At the „Liebfrauen Kirche“ a church in the city centre is a chill-out zone, where you can relax and take a moment of time for you, while the other people are dancing outside. The busses and the subway are driving around the city the whole night, which is very comfortable for the people who were not come by car.
This year, 2004, it is the 11 th time, that this event is in Frankfurt. I think taht once a year an event like this is very necessary for the people Frankfurt an sourroundings, to party and going out, beside there everyday life. The main slogan of this event is : „Die Stadt gehört Euch!“ (The City Is Yours!).
At „Sound of Frankfurt“ you can also meet a lot of new people and make new friendships, perhaps you can find your dreamgirl / dreamboy.

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