The father as a model

Even if the model function of the both parents is important, has that one of the father a special meaning. That model particularly refers to the behavior to his wife. The association of the man to his wife becomes to a image for the daughter how she will be treated one day, and a model for the son how to deal with his future wife.
The image of the father is guiding for the male model of the son and the later partner – effigy for the daughter. Fathers have to ask themselves if his portray is good for his son or his daughter. Maleness is passed on by fathers to sons. Women can’t give their sons a male identity. If there is no father present or if the father doesn’t care about the education, then the boy will search a male image in his acquaintances. Not only the sion also the daughter needs a male image. For the fact that the daughter’s self value feeling depends on the attitude of the father.

Processing the own childhood:
Every man has an effigy of being a father from his own childhood. This effigy determines unconscious ( often also conscious) his own behaviour as a father. But to be a “good” father you have to process your own father – son – relationship. If you don’t manage that, you’ll have some conflicts with your own sons.

The particular meaning of the parents to the religion – development:
The child receives the first contact with religion from his/her parents and he/she would tent to that religion.